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You can build such a tree with your child in just 30 minutes. Any kid will easily collect accordion blanks for the Christmas tree, and parents will help to fasten and string them on a stick.

It is worth saying the following about the process of assembling a Christmas tree. Barbecue stick is set in a glass or pot. It is fixed in various ways. Plaster, polyurethane foam, pebbles, cereals, sand, paper. Specifically, in this master class a cup-candlestick was used. It is all filled with wax and therefore there were no problems with fixing the trunk of the spruce.

The floors ate on a stick without glue, since the blanks from corrugated paper are well bonded to each other in a circle. And very tightly strung on a barbecue stick. If you are afraid of the design of the spruce, then you can drip the glue and fix the position of the floors with it.

1. We will need:

• Corrugated paper.
• Scissors.
• Barbecue stick.
• Ruler.
• Stapler.
• Threads.
• A glass.

necessary materials and accessories

corrugated paper

2. Cut corrugated paper into 2 rectangles. The size of each 25 by 20 cm.

Cut corrugated paper

3. We begin to bend the paper alternately in different directions, then outward and inward.

4. It turns out here is such an accordion. Its width is almost 2 cm.


5. Cut the corners like this.

we cut so

6. Bend in half.

add up

7. Fasten with a stapler.

fastened with a stapler

8. It turns out here is such a circle.


9. We prepare the second rectangle in the same way.

two semicircles

10. Connect the two staples with a stapler.

we connect the workpiece

11. The middle of the two blanks is strengthened with a double thread. Just tie a knot on the back.

reinforce with double thread

12. We prepare 8 such floors-blanks. The diameter of the lower workpiece is 25 cm, and the top 5 cm. The width of the accordion for the lower floor was 2 cm, the width of the accordion of the upper floor is only 0.5 cm. Reduction can be done by eye, without accurate calculations. A couple of millimeters there, a couple here, this will not affect the general appearance of the Christmas tree.

We prepare 8 blanks

13. String string on a barbecue stick.

14. Further, departing from the lower floor 1 or 1.5 cm, we string the next largest circle.

string the next

15. This is how the finished Christmas tree looks. View from above.


16. The fluffy and stylish forest beauty is ready.

forest beauty is ready
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Comments (2)
  1. AJDAR
    #1 AJDAR Guests April 8, 2017 11:55
    everything is very beautiful! thank you very much!
  2. Angelinka
    #2 Angelinka Guests August 7, 2017 09:51
    We’ll give dad as assistants for the son, I think he will be even more interested in creating such a Christmas tree. Let them practice in advance, especially since the materials are affordable and easy to make.

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