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It is necessary:
- Thick cardboard
-Cutter and scissors
Magazine (Glamor or Oops)
-Glue (preferably “Master”), ruler, pencil (marker), thin tape
-Free time.

The frame options will depend on the size of the photo you choose. I have a standard photo of 15 × 10cm.
Let's start from the back of the frame. Cut a rectangle of 22 × 17 cm in size from cardboard.

rectangle 22 by 17

Then we take the wallpaper and glue one side so that there is a margin for the second.


That's what we get.

pasting result

glue on the back

Now we need to make a stand. A piece of cardboard is transformed into a rectangle of 20 × 4 cm in size and glued with wallpaper on all sides. The stand is ready.

make a stand

It remains to stick it to the back of the frame. Cut a rectangle of 20 × 15 cm from the wallpaper and draw it on the white side of the diagonal. Next, make an incision in the center of 4 cm long.

make an incision

We insert a stand into it and coat it with glue all together, then carefully glue it together.

poke stand

The back is completely ready. Put it under the press.

Put it under the press

Getting to the facade of the frame. We cut out the rectangle, taking as the basis the dimensions indicated in the photo, after which we get rid of the shaded area.

Cut out the rectangle

From the wallpaper we cut a rectangle 24 × 21 cm in size, apply the front part to it so that the indent from all sides is the same, carefully draw the center and diagonals.

draw the center

was the same

We cut the shaded part, and cut its diagonals to the very corners.

cut to the corners

Before you complete the manufacture of the frame, you must carefully glue the inner corners with glue.

glue together


Now you can glue all sides of the frame. The front end is ready.

glue all sides

front part

Decor photo frame.
Depending on how you want to decorate the frame, tear out the pages of the magazine.

magazine pages

All pages are doubled in half.

fold in half

like this

Then cut along the bend line.

all pages

Each strip is again folded into a quarter (.

fold again

We twist them into tight shanks, after which we fix the end with tape so that they do not unwind.


fix the end

adjust the height of the handlebars

In the process, you can adjust the height of the handlebars. It all depends on how wide the strips are.


Finished strips can also be decorated in the form of a leaf.

can be issued

in the form of a leaf

After all the elements are made, glue them to the front of the frame with any pattern that comes to mind. Then it remains only to glue the facade of our frame to its rear. Glue only 2 parallel sides with longer lengths. This condition must be met, otherwise inserting a photo will be problematic. (Marked hatching).

marked hatching

In conclusion, we put the frame under the press, and the next day we admire the result of our labors.

Photo frame

result of their labors
come back
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    #1 Angers Guests October 23, 2015 16:47
    Hi, thanks for all the information, everything is very accurately written, you can see the manual work, very beautiful. I am making a report on this topic, thank you very much, I advise everyone!
  2. Galya
    #2 Galya Guests July 11, 2016 5:46 p.m.
    good ;-)

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