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Knitted snowflake will take its rightful place in the New Year's interior of any apartment. It can be hung under a chandelier or on a window, and also used as a Christmas tree toy. Tie a snowflake under the force of any needlewoman. Even if you first picked up the hook in your hands, you must be able to create such an amazing snowflake. Follow the detailed instructions and follow a fairly simple knitting pattern. Good luck to you.

Air loop - vp
Double crochet - st s / n.
Single crochet - b / n.

snowflake pattern

1. Tie a chain of 6 air loops.

Tie the chain

2. Connect to the ring.

Ring together

3. Next, you need to make 2 lifting loops and knit 2 tbsp / n.

make 2 loops

4. Then repeat this combination. 3 vp and 3 tbsp / n. Until such a flower comes out.

such a flower

5. We knit 3 st s / n into the arch from the air loops of the previous row. Next, you need to make a chain of 8 vp In order not to get confused, skip the colored thread here. Thus, you mark the place where you want to connect the chain.


6. We make another 6 vp and connect just in that loop, which we marked with a colored mark.

Do 6 more

7. We knit 7 vp and finish 3 st s / n in the same arch. Repeat until the end of the circle.

We knit

8. The result is such a star.

it turns out such a star

9. We make 3 tbsp b / n. Further, according to the scheme, we tie each ray of snowflakes. We knit 7 st b / n and 4 vp then 5 tbsp b / n. Continue knitting already in the loop, do 2 tbsp b / n and 6 vp Repeat until you get four petals. Then we knit 5 st b / n and 4 vp we finish 7 st b / n. Thus we bind each of the six rays.

we tie each ray of snowflakes

10. Finish with knitting and hide the thread.

hide the thread

11. It turns out such a snowflake.

Crochet snowflake workshop

In order for the snowflake to keep its shape, it can be starched or fixed with concentrated sugar syrup. Alternatively, you can use diluted glue pva.
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