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Each of us has at least one phone in our pocket, and someone more. Choosing a new gadget, we strive to show individuality, and choosing a cover for it, we decorate and protect it from scratches. But if it is almost impossible to find a unique phone, then you can make an original and exclusive case for it with your own hands.
Today we will sew a simple cover from old jeans and decorate it with embroidery from glass beads. The work is not difficult, but requires perseverance. So let's get started!

We will need:
• old jeans
• scissors
• tailor pins
• ruler
• a piece of chalk
• threads in fabric color or close to it
• a piece of Velcro 1.5x1.5 cm
• bugles of two contrasting shades
• thin needle for embroidery

We will need

Working process:
We lay out the jeans, aligning the edge to the bottom. We put the phone down a little from the last line, as shown in the figure. Set aside 0.5 cm on each side of the phone and draw straight lines with a ruler and chalk. Then, retreating another 0.5 cm from these lines, draw parallel ones.

measure by size

We split the double layer with pins in several places and cut along the extreme lines.

cut the fabric

After removing the pins, we apply Velcro to the upper allowance exactly in the middle from the inside.

fasten Velcro

We sew on a typewriter around the perimeter of the Velcro, going at the end of a line at each other. If there is no machine, you can carefully sew on manually.
Again, we chop off two layers and sew on the typewriter along the marked lines, making fastenings at the beginning and at the end of the line.

we machine

Fluff the allowances slightly, making a fringe.

fluff allowances

Now it remains only to decorate the finished cover. Draw any drawing with chalk - it can be an arbitrary line, a zigzag, parallel lines or some kind of pattern.

contour for beads

For beginners in this business, you need to choose a drawing according to the principle: the simpler, the better.
Embroider the pattern with the needle back, as shown in the figures.

sew beads

pierce with a needle

bead after bead

Take a genuine thread so that you do not have to stop often.
Our case is ready! A lace can be sewn to the inside of the edges to hang the phone around the neck. Improvise, show your imagination and you will get an exclusive cover, which can also be a great gift.

case for mobile phone
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