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Every day, more and more new trends come into fashion that can easily make your style more original and unique. One of such fashionable occurrences is the Shamballa bracelet. Only appearing on the covers of glamorous magazines, in photographs with world stars, this bracelet found its calling among the rest of the population. You may think that this is a simple coincidence, because every fashionista just watches her style and wants to give her appearance a novelty, but this is not entirely true. The tradition of wearing this type of bracelet has its origin since ancient times. Shambhala bracelet is a kind of amulet and amulet that protects its wearer from various evil spirits and directs it to success. The most important thing is that you can make this wonderful bracelet yourself.

If you decide to take the path of success and make a Shamballa bracelet, then stock up on materials such as: waxed thread 1.5 - 2 meters, 5 beads of one color, 2 beads of a different color and 2 more beads of a third color or just a slightly different shade, than the previous ones, so that 9 beads eventually come out.


Now we take our waxed thread and cut off the basis for the bracelet itself. To correctly measure the base, simply clasp the hand with a thread in its wide place, that is, on the bones of the hand, but leave in reserve on both sides a centimeter or even two.
We fix this thread with adhesive tape or put on it, leaving at the same time 4 or 5 centimeters, something heavy. We cut off 10 centimeters of thread, put the remaining waxed thread in half and put it in the middle of our thread-base, make a knot.

Fasten the thread

The hardest part of this bracelet is to learn how to make knots correctly. Let’s start the left thread under the right, and run the right one under the base and let it out through the left. Tighten the knot tightly. We make the next knot in the same way, only instead of the left thread we start with the right one.

Tighten the knot

Let the left thread under the right

We weave 4 more such rows, or we just make 4 knots, we only fasten them from different sides. Now is the time to string the first bead.

direct the bead

When you have already strung the first bead, then we fix it with the same knots as before. After we secured the bead, we still need to weave 4 rows. And we put on a bead of a different color or shade.

do a knot

Weave further as well as the previous rows. We see that the distance of our beads is approximately the same. After the second bead, we weave the beads as three more things as the first color, and then add the second color bead and fix it with the first color. After the last bead weave 4 rows and make a knot.

We also weave such 4 rows

The last thing we began to do was a clasp. At the ends of the bracelet we put on a bead smaller than the previous ones, we cross the ends of the threads and weave several rows of thread, which we cut 10 centimeters. On the inside you can glue the clasp.

can fasten the clasp

Shambhala bracelet
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