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New Year is a long-awaited celebration for children and also for adults. And how is this day without a snowman. Of course, no way!
We advise doing this craft together with the children, this unique lesson is easy to manufacture. The snowman will decorate the New Year's interior of the apartment, office and will please everyone with his presence.
The size of the snowman will be approximately 60 cm in height.

In order to make a Christmas snowman out of threads, we need:
• one skein of white thread (not too thin, made of cotton);
• balloons (five pieces);
• PVA glue (one jar);
• needle;
• cotton wool.

to make a snowman

Making the body of a snowman.
To begin with, we should inflate the balls, we will need them for the body (three different sizes) and hands (two identical).

Inflate the ball

inflated ball

Then thread the needle and pierce it with a bottle of PVA glue. The thread becomes impregnated with glue, we remove the needle to the side, we will need it later.

thread and PVA

Coat each inflated ball with vegetable oil so that the thread does not stick. Glue the balls in a chaotic order with a thread soaked with glue.
Balls should be wrapped so that there are no gaps. Then hang them in a warm and dry place until the threads dry completely (best for 24 hours). Be patient! Balls should become hard.

Thread ball

Once everything is dry, take each ball sharply with a needle and pull out the remainder by the tail of the ball.

Glue will dry

For greater stability, the bottom ball should be glued inside with cotton, and at the bottom we glue a paper disk (preferably made of cardboard), greased with PVA glue.

paste inside with cotton

glue the paper disk

Then connect all the parts of the snowman, previously make a recess in the torso. We take a spray gun and spray the selected area of ​​the junction, carefully in a humidified place to make a recess. Then we sew the parts together with a needle with a white thread. For better fixing, glue stitching places with glue. Leave the future snowman to dry completely.
As the body of our New Year's guest is ready, let’s take care of our hands. Glue two small balls to the middle ball at the same height.

Decorate a snowman.

Then glue the eyes with Super Moment glue. Nose, mouth and buttons can be made of colored paper or fabric.

craft from colored paper

We put on a scarf, hat and the final touch - brown the snowman. A little blush does not interfere with the snowman, but only decorates it. The blush can be applied with a cosmetic brush and ordinary blush, which are found in all women in a cosmetic bag.

brown the snowman

So, our snow hero is ready, the kids will be happy for such a guest for the New Year!

Snowman made of thread

A snowman can be made in all kinds of sizes and even colors. He can acquire at your discretion an individual form, show your imagination!
Good luck
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Comments (2)
  1. master1959
    #1 master1959 Guests August 28, 2017 10:10 PM
    What a beautiful and cute snowman it turned out! You can put it at the entrance to meet guests. But just not under the tree. He does not belong there. Generally away from stabbing and cutting.
  2. feelloff
    #2 feelloff Guests December 16, 2017 14:48
    I made! Thank you very much!
    DIY snowman made of thread

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