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Probably every person has some kind of old-old thing, which is a pity to throw away. It is often difficult to place such a thing somewhere, because it does not look anywhere and only spoils the entire interior.
So it is with me. During the cleaning of the apartment that I got from my grandmother, I found this old mirror:

old mirror

I feel sorry for throwing it away, but leaving it just like that is also unacceptable.
First, we need to paste the mirror with double-sided tape. I chose a Buromax product.

paste the mirror with double-sided tape

Depending on the size of the mirror, its shape, you should choose tape of various sizes. For my case, the middle one came up well.
Gently glue the mirror with tape.

glue the mirror

Advice from your own experience: if your mirror has ever been painted, try to put the adhesive tape on the first try. The paint sticks to the glue and the adhesive tape becomes unusable.
If you want to make the frame more beautiful, use a clerical knife to cut waves out of tape.

cut the waves out of tape

It is very important that the knife is sharp. The result should be like this:

get like this

I am going to decorate the mirror in a romantic style. To do this, you will need:
1. Beads in several colors.
2. Plastic jewelry that can be bought at needlework stores.
3. Ribbon from organza. A bow will be tied from it.
4. A few dry twigs.

Some dry twigs

Now carefully remove the protective film from the tape and sprinkle the frame with beads. Instead, you can also use bait for fish, it will cost even less and will look no less pretty. In some places, you should leave free space for the rest of the jewelry.
From the ribbon we form a bow.

form a bow

It is tied in the same way as the laces. After that, we place branches where you like, we attach a bow on top.

we place branches we attach a bow

Plastic jewelry can be attached on the sides or freely placed. Here's what happened:

DIY restoration

create a unique mirror

It is not necessary to choose the same performance. Imagine, invent your ideas and create a unique mirror, which will undoubtedly become the main decoration of your home!
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Comments (1)
  1. Ogo
    #1 Ogo Guests 10 august 2017 20:01
    Indeed, a very tender and romantic frame turned out! And most importantly, it is also the memory of your beloved grandmother, immortalized in the interior.

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